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Bacon Bros Burgers

181 High St  255 Asaph St (Little High Eatery), Christchurch Central: Open 7am – 10pm

Why we love Bacon Bros Burgers

There is something about Bacon Bros Burgers that just makes you want to smile.  From their quirky menu to their helpful staff you can tell they genuinely care about their customers. There is the added benefit of the fact they use fresh and ethical ingredients – but we really love Bacon Bros because they make a meal an experience!

Must Try

The signature burger of Bacon Bros is “The Happy”- bacon, egg, hash brown, cheese, lettuce, tomato, avo, aioli, bbq sauce topped off with a free hug! The burger was created in 2013 when a customer went to Bacon Bros looking sad and ordered a BLT – the team upgraded the burger.

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