Welcome to the seaside town of Kaikoura
Take to the water and explore the Pacific Ocean and all its treasures.
Spectacular Kaikoura Coastline
Take in the stunning vistas from the Pacific Ocean to the alps.
Swim with seals
Home to a spectacular variety of wildlife from sperm whales, seals and dusky dolphins to majestic albatross.
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Kia ora Kaikoura!

This is a place like nowhere else in the world - where mountains spectacularly meet the sea, magnificent wildlife is plentiful, and exciting adventures and fascinating history await you.

A 3 hours' drive north from Christchurch, you'll find Kaikoura - New Zealand's leading eco-tourism destination, with an amazing variety of marine and birdlife along its dramatic rugged coastline. 

Sperm whales are perhaps the most famous residents here, living with dusky dolphins, fur seals and albatross. There's something captivating to see year round, with migrating species making themselves known through changes in seasons. View them by boat, plane or helicopter, or for a much closer encounter, swim alongside seals and dolphins. Check out the deals and activities in Kaikoura.

Explore the region

There's so many ways to get out and enjoy this stunning area – whether you’re after a relaxing pursuit or something that whitens the knuckles! Head out quad biking or river rafting. Check out the coastal environs by kayak, ride the waves at one of the many surf spots, or try your luck on a fishing tour

Local history

Kaikoura has a captivating history and you can still see intriguing remnants of the Māori and European settlement of the area. Visit Kaikoura Museum or historic Fyffe House to find out about Kaikoura's whaling history. Interactive tours let you experience Kaikoura's rich Māori history and culture firsthand.

Eco tourism

Kaikoura locals are proud of their beautiful environment, and they're committed to protecting it for generations to come. They've worked hard to become Earthcheck certified – showing an on-going commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impacts. 

Gastronomic delights

Be sure to sample nature's ocean larder while in Kaikoura. Crayfish is a local speciality – enjoy it at a roadside stall, an iconic beachside caravan, or in one of the township's stylish restaurants. Try dining Kiwi-style with piping hot fish and chips by the sea and be sure to include an award-winning local vintage alongside your seafood spread.

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