Hanmer Springs - The Adventure Capital of Canterbury
Plan your adventure with our guide to the biggest thrills in the region!
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Hanmer Springs - The Adventure Capital of Canterbury

If high speed, fast engines and heart stopping heights sounds like your idea of a holiday, then read on thrill seeker…

Hanmer Springs is a beautiful town located an easy 90 minute or so drive from Christchurch. Don’t be fooled by it’s relaxing charm and peaceful alpine feel - this town has the ability to get your heart pumping, leaving your brow sweaty and hair a mess! You just have to know where to go ...

1. Quad Biking

If you have a need for speed and don't mind getting a little wet and muddy, then we highly recommend you add this to your To Do List!

Four wheels, fast speeds and jaw dropping views makes for a fun few hours in the heart of the Hurunui district. With Hanmer Adventure Centre sorting you out with transport and everything you need for the adventure, prepare for the ride of your life!

2. Bungy Jump

The Hanmer Springs Attractions Bungy is perfect for first timers who are looking to challenge themselves and overcome their fears. With a 35 meter jump off the Waiau Ferry Bridge toward the raging waters of the river below, you’re in for an unforgettable experience.

Stand before the beautiful Hurunui landscape and take a moment before leaping into a once in a lifetime, adrenaline rush!

3. Jet Boating

The best way to take in your stunning Hurunui surroundings is by ripping through the Waiau river at 130 km per hour with the wind in your face.

The more tame activity of the bunch, Hanmer Springs Attractions Jet Boating is a great family fun activity. Explore parts of the Hurunui district you cannot access any other way but by boat.

4. Rafting

Jump on board a raft and experience the roller coaster of the Waiau river as you drift down calm, serene waters to rough and rocky rapids. 

Not for the faint-hearted, a Hanmer Springs Attractions Rafting trip is an adventure you will never forget!

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