Adrenalin Forest Christchurch

Fly, jump, swing and scream in through the tree tops. Adrenalin Forest is best described as high wire, high excitement activity, where participants can test their limits and conquer their fears. It is a great confidence builder and adrenalin rush. The park features an aerial obstacle course more than 2 km in length, up to 20 metres off the ground and covering three hectares of forest. Participants negotiate a series of 100 challenging activities high up in the tree canopy attached by an overhead safety wire. There are six different courses of progressive difficulty. Test yourself how high and how far you will go. Affordable fun for the whole family. It takes around 3 hours to complete the course.

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Opening Hours

Business hours
    10am to 2.30 pm (last start) 1 September-31 May. 10 am to 2 pm (last start)1 June- 31 August.
Months of operation
    All Year
  • Proximity to airport:
    15 minutes
    Proximity to town:
    20 minutes from CBD

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