The Tannery Retail Emporium open

19 November 2013

The second stage of The Tannery Boutique and Arts Emporium has opened to the public to the delight of locals and visitors!

The first stage of the Woolston shopping arcade which is built inside a former tannery building on the banks of the Heathcote River, opened in June and is now home to more than 50 businesses.

The first stage of The Tannery which features bars, fashion stores, a tattoo parlour and a bookshop, has proved immensely popular to locals and visitors.

The newest shops include a beauty salon, a florist, a hairdresser and barber, an apothecary and fashion stores.  Alice in Videoland will also be opening two cinemas at the complex.

Mr Cassels is confident the second stage will make the Tannery even more popular than it already is.

While Christchurch has lost a lot of the past, what is exciting is a new future that can build on its heritage. When completed, The Tannery will have world class beer and food, entertainment and boutique shops on a unique and atmospheric location.

This is what Christchurch has talked about and is the first example of what Christchurch as a city can become.

The Tannery is located on the way to the Christchurch Gondola and Sumner beach at 3 Garland Rd, Woolston.

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