Hotel 115 Open in Central City

6 September 2013

It is with much anticipation that Christchurch welcomes the opening of Hotel 115, a new contemporary boutique hotel in the heart of the city. Having opened on 28 August, the hotel adds 30 unique character rooms to the city’s accommodation offering.

Behind bespoke yellow doors, the hotel’s thirty rooms boast a mix of eclectic as well as modern features. Comfortable lounge chairs made locally in Christchurch have been covered in colourful velvet fabrics.  The oak used for the furniture adds elegance and a feeling of longevity to the room design, complemented by black and white photographs of Christchurch.

Not two of the thirty rooms are the same. They vary in shape and size, bringing originality and uniqueness to the space. “The rooms were designed with functionality and simplicity in mind to maximize the limited space. The reception and public areas have gorgeous bright chairs and pendant lamps that bring a feeling of luxury and elegance but with a modern, eclectic style,” Owner, Sarah Niu adds.

Hotel 115 is a boutique hotel that stands out from larger hotels by providing guests with a feeling of warmth, comfort and an element of surprise.

An additional 8 rooms will be completed at the end of the year, extending the offer while maintaining the great boutique feel and individuality of the hotel.