City Centre cordon removed for good

3 July 2013

The removal of the cordon in the city centre on the 30th of June marks a significant turning point in the recovery of Christchurch. Having public access again to the heart of the city shows the world that Christchurch’s rebuild is definitely underway and residents and international visitors are welcome to experience the new ‘Transitional City’ to its fullest.

Now the city can be fully explored by foot with visitors easily accesing shopping in Re: START Mall and New Regent Street Shopping Precincts, discover Gap Fillers, stroll along the Avon River and enjoy the new cafes and bars that have reopened recently.

Now the cordon has gone Cathedral Square is open for the public again and an extreme make over is underway to create a safe and welcoming place for people to visit. The fresh Transitional Square has been fitted out with large colourful artworks, plants, interpretation panels, theatre space and seating as well as an information booth for residents and visitors.