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Discover the city trails of Christchurch

Christchurch is a vibrant city full of heritage and culture. Discover the city through different trails.

Grab your walking shoes and hit the streets, from lane ways to precincts - there is something for everyone is this evolving city!


Greenway & Lanes

Greenway & Lanes

Starting at the new Bus Interchange, walk down Tuam past the Justice Precinct and left onto Durham Street, then left again into the Greenway – this is part of The South Frame, a series of gardens, pavements, laneways and public gathering spaces to create a well-connected city centre. The Greenway is the ecological spine of the South Frame and provides a greener, more pleasant space to walk or bike away from the roads. The walk will take you along ST Asaph Street and into Vanguard Square, past may new bars and eateries.

Walk to the heart

Walk down to the river and along the marble wall inscribed with the names of those who lost their lives in the February 2011 earthquake. After crossing the bridge, walk along the north bank of the memorial -  a quiet space to sit a reflect. Follow the path to the Bridge of Remembrance before connecting to the main retail area of the city, a space still being rebuilt and populated with shops. After a lap around the ANZ building and a shortcut through the BNZ building courtyard, walk down the steps at the Terraces for some eel spotting!