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City Info & Parking

Christchurch is easy to navigate with the CBD centrally located right in the heart of the city. The flat grid like structure of the city, means you are generally only a 20-minute drive away from most suburban areas. 

Accessing the CBD

There’s thousands of car parks to choose from. You can find these simply by looking for the ‘P’ signs on the one-way streets. 

  • The Christchurch City Council provides eight car parks within the city.
  • The Smartview App offers real-time parking building information that updates every minute.
  • The Crossing car park building offers $2 parking for the first 2 hours.
  • Christchurch Casino is offering 2 hours FREE parking and then only $3 per hour afterwards (on Peterborough Street opposite the Casino). 
  • Wilson Parking offers over 30 car parks within the central city with a handy app to manage your payments.

And for something a little bit different, Gap Filler provides socially conscious car parks on the corner of Manchester and Lichfield streets, all proceeds of this are fed back into central-Christchurch projects.

It's also very quick to park in the city, with paperless parking meters. Simply enter your licence plate number into the meter, select how long you want to park for (up to the maximum available), pay and okay. Simple! Discover more about parking meters in Christchurch.

The perfect way to explore the city of Christchurch is by bike, with more people biking in Christchurch than any other city in New Zealand. There are 13 main cycle routes, connecting the suburbs with the CBD. 

Be sure to use the new cycleways network. Following the marked cycleways will take you straight into town, and there’s safe, new dedicated cycle stands and bike parking when you get there. 

If sitting back relaxing is more your style of travel, then jump on one of the many local buses to the Interchange in the heart of town, then it’s just a short walk to nearly everywhere. A Metro card saves you 25% on your bus fare.

The Christchurch Bus Interchange is located on the corner of Colombo and Lichfield Street. Buses come and go regularly with a variety of travel routes, so you can get out there and explore the CBD and suburbs of Christchurch. See bus network map

If you're exploring further afield Intercity buses and the regional buses depart outside the bus exchange on Lichfield Street.

Motorhome Parking

Motorhome parking is now available at the Peterborough Street Carpark.

    • This ground level well lit outdoor car park has 266 car parks. 
    • Entry is from 53 Peterborough Street, and also from Salisbury Street.
    • First hour of parking is free.
    • Carpark is patrolled and cctv cameras are in operation.
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Christchurch i-SITE Visitors Centre

Before you head out exploring, be sure to talk to the team at the Christchurch i-SITE Visitors Centre. They offer a free booking service, exclusive deals and provide expert advice on how to maximise your time in and around the city, as well as being able to book onward travel. 

Christchurch Airport

All flights in and out of Christchurch depart from Christchurch Airport, which is approximately a 20min (allow longer at rush hour) drive from the CBD. 

Emergency Contacts

Unfortunately, emergencies can happen anywhere at any time. Here's a list of useful contacts when visiting the city.

Christchurch Central City Police Station

Christchurch Hospital

Pegasus Health 24 Hour Surgery

Fire Emergency

      • Dial 111 and ask for the Fire Department, giving your name and location details.

Find out more about what to do in the event of an emergency.