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Sun Dog Diner

Corner Papanui Road and Bealey Ave, Open Tues - Thurs 8am - 9pm, Fri to Sat 8am - 11pm & Sun 8am - 5pm.

Why we love Sun Dog diner

This is comfort food at its finest. Sundog is an American-style diner serving up delicious hearty food like Crispy Free Range Louisiana Spiced Chicken served with Blue Cheese sauce, Chicken Fried Steaks, Hotcake stacks and Toasted Sandwiches made with Mac n Cheese.

Owner Jess Lynch, born in California, has everything made in house, even the bread and soda and only uses free-range meat. With bottomless cups of coffee and all day breakfast…..the hardest part is choosing just one dish!

Must try

Rye Whiskey BBQ Buzzcocks: made with homemade scratch BBQ sauce.

Photo credit: Sundog diner

Head to their website to check out the menu for yourself!

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