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Hackthorne Gardens' Dining

141 Hackthorne Road, Open 7 days

Why we love Hackthorne Gardens'

The dégustation, five-course dining option, is like no other. Delicacies change to fit the seasons, and frequently five courses will increase up to eight to ensure a balanced and complete experience.

With acclaimed chef Callum Farrell at the helm, this is a great dining experience if you are after a little luxury here in Christchurch.

Must try

The mango mousse, pineapple coconut and sesame crisp! This exotic dish is a taste sensation and a real gourmet treat. 

The city’s fine dining scene has a new haunt with the opening of boutique luxury Cashmere accommodation Hackthorne Gardens’ 5-star dining offering. If you are after something a little less formal you can also opt for an Asian style “hot pot” or try something new with an Asian infused ‘A La Carte’ style of dining.

Discover more about Hackthorne Gardens' 5-star dining options.

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