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The Whole Hog

You can find The Whole Hog parked up Monday to Friday at Sparkpark, 91 Hereford Street.

Why we love The Whole Hog

This epic food trailer specialises in locally sourced free range and free farmed pork products.

Lucky for us the owners, Holly & Scott, have a passion for food and travel which means The Whole Hog is full of creative twists on porky favourites.

Must try

Their Spicy Moroccan Pork Burger served on handmade Turkish bread with ras el hanout mayo, olive tapenade, cumin carrots, caramelised onions and leaves. Amazing! 

A special mention must also go to the famous Whole Hog Triple Cooked Roast Potatoes with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.

Check out their Facebook page as they're constantly roaming the city and country at markets, events and festivals peddling their porky wares.

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