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Thai Container

151 Bealey AveChristchurch. Open 7 days: 10am- 9pm

Why we love Thai Container 

Not only does the Thai container offer a huge range of traditional Thai food but they also pride themselves on their Zero Waste policy. This fantastic policy means they only order enough fruit, vegetables and meat to last for one day - this guarantees flavour and freshness!

Located in a shipping container this vibrant takeaway spot is covered in street art! Not only offering amazing food but also an amazing vibe. 

Must try

Thai Container has a couple of must try dishes- "Bangkok" & "Num Prik Pow"!

Bangkok is a noodle dish with lemongrass, veges and is a little spicy if you are after something less spicy try Num Prik pow it is soft smooth and creamy with a side of rice.

Don't just take our word for it, find out more on their Facebook page.