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Restaurants you must try in Christchurch

Regardless of price point or how long the restaurant has been around, here is a list of restaurants in Christchurch I love and feel define the food scene in this beautiful city. It was a tough job narrowing this list down, but I’ve done my best!


Located in the Christchurch Art Gallery, Universo is a stunning restaurant that is open all day featuring beautiful greenery, copper pendants and floor to ceiling windows making for an ultra sophisticated feel. The large menu has something for everyone however I highly recommend you order the Goats Cheese Churros with Truffle Honey! Christchurch Art Gallery, Montreal Street, Christchurch

King Of Snake

Consistently great food and atmosphere at King of Snake. Asian Fusion done right, think Sticky Beef Wontons, Beef, Slow Cooked Pork Hock, Crispy Chicken Wings. Tip: Try the cocktails, they are ridiculously good. 145 Victoria St, Christchurch Central, Christchurch


Prepare for unique flavour combinations and a great experience. Inati offer a chefs dining option where you sit up at the kitchen and can watch the chef at work or more private option at a traditional table. I recommend taking advantage of the chefs dining option for a truly unique experience. Inati is designed to share so you get to try multiple of the chef’s creations. My favourite dish is the Boeuf-nut – a beef donut. You heard right, think savoury and sweet all in one go and it just works! (pictured). Another fun one is the Crispy Chicken Cereal. 48 Hereford Street, Christchurch


Gatherings focus on sustainable, organic and local food and creating unique dishes based on what is in season. With a set daily menu it moves you to try foods that you may not necessarily order yourself. The interior has a natural and cool vibe and the focus is on the food that is in front of you. 5/2 Papanui Rd, Merivale

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