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Cheat meals in Christchurch

Eating healthy is fun and all #cleaneating but sometimes you just can't go past a good cheat meal. Good for your soul and good for the gram. Put your fat pants on and tuck in to some of my top picks in Christchurch.

Beast Board - Universo

Perfect to share or you could tackle this on your own… Or maybe not. Pate on toast, lamb ribs, grilled steak, wagyu patties, Yorkshire Pudding with lamb, hand cut chips, pickles, coleslaw and bread rolls.

Christchurch Art Gallery, Christchurch

Truffle Loaded Fries - Sister Kong

Fries are one of my favourite foods and when they are loaded, even better! Sister Kong have the goods with their Truffle Loaded Fries. They are so moreish you could easily demolish the whole lot.

123 Victoria Street, Christchurch

Gelato covered in chocolate - Rollickin' Gelato

Got a sweet tooth? Head to Rollickin' on New Regent Street or the Arts Centre to get a scoop (or two) of freshly made gelato and opt for the chocolate fountain drizzled on top. They also have a range of brownies, cakes in the cabinet if you want to go all out!

37/35 New Regent Street, Christchurch
28 Worcester Street, Christchurch

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