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International Women's Day
Highlighting Christchurch's female leaders as examples of our pioneering spirit.
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Lianne Dalziel, Mayor of Christchurch city

Mayor of Christchurch since 2013, Lianne Dalziel said female role models are engrained in the city’s history.

“As the home of Women’s Suffrage, Christchurch has always been a place where women can excel.”

What makes this city stand out as one where women can succeed?

From Kate Sheppard to Elizabeth McCombs, the first woman elected to Parliament, and Hon Mabel Howard, the first woman Cabinet Minister, the role models have always been there, inspiring women to achieve.

Do you think having so many female leaders at this crucial time for Christchurch will change how the city looks and operates?

An essential leadership attribute that women tend to bring to the table is empathy. It is impossible to build an effective team without it and it is what inspires others. In a post-disaster environment, the need for empathy is amplified.

Is there a piece of advice you wish you had heard when you were younger?

Ignore the nagging doubts which come with ‘imposter syndrome’. You have as much right to aspire to a leadership role as anyone and if you focus on working collaboratively with others and help them see their leadership potential, you will achieve your goals.

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