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Christchurch Symphony Orchestra

The Christchurch Symphony Orchestra is the largest professional orchestra in the South Island. The orchestra performs a new programme every year, with some of the best international and New Zealand music. Classical music, rock or pop - the repertoire is broad and appeals to every age.

Championing New Zealand composers and artists is important to the CSO. For many years it has showcased, commissioned and premiered New Zealand works and performed with the best of New Zealand talent. Although the orchestra has a strong New Zealand focus it regularly performs with international soloists as well.

Milestones Christchurch Symphony Orchestra:

  • 1958: Professor John Ritchie formed the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra
  • 2016: CSO received a certificate in the Arts Access Awards for the collaboration with the Christchurch dance company Jolt Interactive
  • 2016: the orchestra was a finalist in the New York Festival Radio awards, along with Radio New Zealand, in the Best Music Special category for the live broadcast of the orchestra's first Lamb & Hayward Masterworks concert of 2015, Sea to Sky
  • 2018: the orchestra celebrates its 60th anniversary

Join the CSO for music inspired by fear and courage, love and passion. From the 18th century to the 1980s and beyond, there’s something for everyone.

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