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A taste of Christchurch's Street Art

Christchurch's street art scene is vibrant and growing. The city has built a reputation for cool street art and a walk around the city centre will highlight why. Around every corner, you will find colourful murals of different styles.

Keep track of the ever-evolving murals in the city with Watch This Space.

YMCA Building - Kaitaki

Outside the YMCA building is a mural showing a strong woman. The "Kaitaki" looks like she would watch over the building and the people inside. The artist is Fin DAC whose murals show beautiful women, with eye masks, who wear gorgeous clothes and elegant makeup. His style is called Urban Aesthetics, in which he combines the modern urban stencil art and traditional art of portrait.

Lichfield Street - Organic Matters

The latest addition to the street art murals is this graffiti on the wall outside the Justice Precinct. The Wellington-based artist Chimp has sprayed two tui and a titipounamu (rifleman) surrounded by flowers and bees. The mural looks so real, you have the feeling that the birds just pop out of the wall.

Plymouth Lane - No Place Like Home

In Plymouth Lane opposite Lichfield car parking, you will find these big tiles forming the phrase "No place like home". The artists Flox was inspired by "The Wizard of OZ" and wanted to honour the people of Christchurch after the big earthquakes in 2010/11: "I’m honouring the resilience, tenacity and collaboration of the people of this much-loved city."

Rauora Park - Spray Cans

The space contains eight giant spray cans which graffitti sprayed all over them. The eight cans are physically split in two groups, with three cans intended for more established artists to produce long-term works that will be refreshed sporadically, and five serving as ‘free-for-all’ surfaces, as evolving canvasses. Jacob Yikes, Wongi Wilson, Nick Tam, from Christchurch’s famed DTR crew, painted the three ‘permanent’ cans.

Tuam Street - Alice in Wonderland

On the building of Alice Cinematheque, you will find a mural inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Being a Christchurch boy, the artist Jacob Yikes is well known for its murals in the city. His murals are not only found all over the city, but also throughout New Zealand.

Lichfield Street - David Kidwelll

To celebrate the Rugby League World Cup and Christchurch's role as a host city there is a mural dedicated to the event. Mr.G created a mural dedicated to the New Zealand's Rugby League World Cup head coach David Kidwell. 

Innovation Precinct - Kathmandu

Wongi "Freak" Wilson, another Christchurch urban artist was asked to paint a wall next to the Kathmandu headquarters. The mural is Nepal and Kathmandu related. Wongi Wilson is well known in post-quake Christchurch for its murals and is a big part of the city's new creative identity.

Ibis Hotel - Rise from the Rubble

This mural is inspired by New Zealand natives: a Kowhai tree and a wax-eye bird. Artist Brandon Warrell was the winner of a competition and his design got the most votes.

Allen Street - Erika Pearce

This mural is showing Harlem-Cruz Atarangi Ihaia, the Miss Universe New Zealand 2017. Artist Erika Pearce painted her wearing a traditional moko and a crown of Kawakawa leaves to represent the sadness of the loss of the extinct huia bird.

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