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Christchurch InstaMeet

We know Christchurch is a super cool and edgy city and it's time for the rest of the world to know too! 

That's where you come in... We're after passionate Christchurch grammers and ambassadors to join us on our next mission to unlock inner city Christchurch and 'access all areas'.

Saturday, 25 November

Join us for an InstaMeet with a twist.

As you know things are not always as they seem in Christchurch and we always like to mix it up! Spend an afternoon with like-minded Instagrammers on a scavenger hunt style mission.

Access areas of the Christchurch that you wouldn't normally, complete challenges, solve riddles, see Christchurch in a new light and document your day as you go with images and instastories.

Ready to accept this mission?

As part of an elite group of recruits you'll need to come equipped with a love for Christchurch, a love of Instagram and a passion to capture the inner city in a new light. Mission details are classified however sources suggest be ready for anything from team dance-o-mat battles to making signature dumplings.

Be sure to register now, as places for recruits on this InstaMeet Mission are strictly limited. 

Mission details


InstaMeet kicks off! Meet at the Christchurch i-SITE, 28 Worcester Blvd.

Receive your mission and be assigned your team.


You're off! Take to the streets of Christchurch, follow the clues, have loads of fun and gram up a storm!

There'll be spot prizes for the best instastories and images captured throughout the day.


Must be time for a drink! Join fellow instagrammers for drinks and nibbles at TBA.

This is your chance to network, catch up and share stories about your day. 

Recruit checklist

Like any top secret mission you'll need to come prepared for any eventuality! Here's a quick checklist:

  • Your InstaMeet ticket
  • Cameras, phones, chargers and extra batteries
  • Rain/windproof jacket
  • Good walking shoes
  • Sun hat and lotion
  • Water and snacks

Register here for your FREE InstaMeet ticket before this link self destructs!


  • What's an InstaMeet

    Since the earliest days of Instagram, people have been meeting up to take photos and videos together. As the community has grown around the world, so too has the occurrence of InstaMeets: gatherings of people coming together to connect, explore, and celebrate their creativity.

    Here at ChristchurchNZ, we have had a lot of success in bringing fellow instagrammers together - luckily for us, here in Canterbury, we have some of the absolute best locations for photography in the World. Check out the link below and, if you aren't already, become part of the global Instagram community today!