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First Dance - the mission

Utilising his talent and creative capabilities, Corey will be staging the first dance on Antarctica through the assistance of the Antarctica New Zealand Community Engagement Programme.

On completing his mission they will have set four new world records: first dancer, first choreographer, first dance performance and first dance creation in Antarctica.


This involves two major initiatives:

1. Antarctica: The First Dance, Dance Film

This incredible 4 1/2 minute dance film will capture both the staggering beauty of the Antarctic landscape and the movement of the dancers within it. 

2. Dancing on Icebergs, Documentary

This documentary will follow Corey and the team on their 15-day residency with scientists at Scott Base as they learn what the Antarctic's changing environment means for us around the world.

This covers all elements from pre-departure survival training, the journey to Antarctica, the highs and lows and the making of the dance film in an extreme environment.